What Is Divorce Good For?

20 April 2013
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20 April 2013, Comments: 0

Normally, people contemplating divorce have some idea of what to expect from a divorce.  They have witnessed divorces on television and in movies, and often personally know at least a handful of people who have been through a divorce.  Increasingly, people have also experienced their own parents’ divorce.  In spite of this “second-hand” experience, facing your own divorce is one of the more frightening events in life.  Not only do you face a court-sanctioned ending of possibly one of the more significant relationships you have ever had, you also must begin to think about such unpleasant things as the division of property and new living accommodations.  In many cases, there is also the unhappy prospect of no longer seeing your children on a daily basis.

Predictability and divorce do not go together. But, armed with realistic expectations, you will have the best chance of being satisfied with the end result of your divorce. Consequently, it is wise to understand the realities of what a divorce can and cannot do for you. So what is divorce good for?

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